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Bharat Silk House

Fire Brick Shades Of Red Banarasi Semi Silk Dupatta

Fire Brick Shades Of Red Banarasi Semi Silk Dupatta


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"Fire Brick Shades" suggests a rich, fiery palette, perhaps including hues like deep reds, burnt oranges, and warm browns. "Banarasi Semi Silk Dupatta" indicates a dupatta made from semi-silk fabric, likely featuring the intricate Banarasi weaving technique, known for its opulence and traditional designs. Together, "Fire Brick Shades of Banarasi Semi Silk Dupatta" conjures an image of a luxurious, fiery-hued dupatta crafted with the finesse of Banarasi weaving, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and vibrancy to any outfit, especially for special occasions or cultural events.

  • A beautiful creation from the house of BHARAT SILK HOUSE is perfect for party wear and special occasions !
  • Very Versatile dupatta, you can drape it in different ways or just tag along and let it flow . Ideal for festivities and parties!  
  • A perfect gift for woman and girls for all occasions . 
  • Colour: Shades Of Fire Brick 
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Fabric: Semi-Silk
  • Care: Hand Wash  
  • Please Note: Actual color may slightly vary from the image.
  • Length :- It varies in between 2.4 meters to 2.5 meters
  • Width:- It varies between 45 to 47 inch 
  • This product also ships worldwide.

Note -  For more clarity of your purchase, kindly message us for a video call.

Care Instructions

We Understand That Every Type Of Textile Needs To Be Cared For Differently. We Therefore Recommend The Following To Care For Your Handloom.

- Store your silk saree wrapped in a cotton muslin cloth.

- Store It With Dry Neem Leaves For Keeping It Safe From Moth & Silverfish.

- Embrace Your Saree More Often To Prevent Zari From Tearing In Fold Lines.

- Avoid Direct Contact With Perfume Sprays.

- Dry Clean Only.

* Considering that the item is crafted by hand, It is possible that there could be slight variations, but do you not think that these imperfactions add to the distinctive appeal of a handloom product ?

Actual color may slightly vary from the Image 


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